Puzzled by the headline, all is not what it seems.

The hook for this article comes from the comments made by a young James Traynor going about his daily duties during the 90s where he spoke candidly about Celtic’s financial plight.

Celtic were in dire straits in the mid 90s before Celts for change and Fergus McCann came to the rescue, which seen the club the modern Celtic that you and me know today.

Celtic are flying high again and have been for some time but this was never written in the stars if you asked a young Jim Traynor.

The now Level5pr man and Sevco lackey was all too confident about his Celtic prediction, consigning the club to history as a spent force that could no longer spend.

Fast forward to the present and his unfulfilled prophetic words would fit his current project down a tee, although there’s fat chance you’ll hear it from his mouth.

Notice, there was no talk of the struggle and hardship Scottish football would have without a strong Celtic. That argument was never brought up during Celtic’s darkest days, just a running commentary of our apparent impending demise. The wishful thinking of some of the people who narrate Scottish football serving their personal agenda is laughable and as we see, Jim Traynor of today has not learned from his young Jim Belushi looking self. He continues to make a spectacle of himself and his employers on an almost weekly basis.

I suppose it’s one way to try and stay relevant. All Hail Scotland’s answer to Nostradamus!




  1. He’s a Muppet ! He’s always been a Muppet, still thinks he has a say in Scottish football, couldn’t be more wrong, every time he opens his mouth now just makes me laugh, how the, I thought I was someone has fallen. Should do the decent thing a disappear and take that disgrace of a club with him. HAIL HAIL


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