PSG manager Unai Emery has hit out with an astonishing attack on the clubs who have reported the French side under FFP rules.

Celtic’s Champions League opponents are currently under investigation after a summer of spending which seen them snap up Neymar in the richest deal in football history.

Bayern Munich – who are also in Celtic’s group have been very vocal about the grotesque amount of money spent by the oil-rich side.

Emery, whose side take on Bayern tonight hit out at the German side and anyone complaining by suggesting his side’s financial clout has made the club more enemies.

“When I was in Spain, I watched the big clubs — Real Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern Munich, the Manchester clubs, Juventus — and I saw that every year they would buy the best players in the world,”

“The team here has taken big steps towards competing with the best sides. Today, in sporting terms, we have more enemies.

“That is why for other teams we are now the sporting enemies and people talk more about us. Lots of things are said, some true, some not. But I think it’s good that people are talking a lot about PSG because PSG are among the top clubs in Europe.”


  1. Buying your way to the top will destroy the game and teams who think they can. The huns had a go at buying there way to the top and died. If PSG get away with this other foolish clubs will die too. Time for a level playing field for all. Time to act now, KICK THEM OUT. HAIL HAIL

  2. its got to the stage where agents and players dont care who they play for as long as the money is there,no way on earth would neymar of opted to play in france if the money hadn,t been there,same as costa wouldn,t of looked at china.even ashley cole wouldn,t of gone to chelsea from arsenal they couldn,t care less as long as the money was there,greed has taken over from dedication,players wanting to play for their boyhood hero,s is long gone,so the passion for winning for a club you dont support has dissapeared,then you get players like trevor sinclair that has played for big clubs and now enjoys his football at celtic and he shines because he,s happy,big money will kill the game but its taken until psg has paid out ludicrous amounts of money for the other big clubs to complain, the complaints should of been listened to long ago


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