CELTIC STRIKER Moussa Dembele spoke to the media yesterday after receiving a young player of the year nomination from the PFA.

The hot prospect who has been out since pulling up in the semi-final last month is delighted at the nomination but sounded a little annoyed when asked if he’ll be moving on this summer.

“I have never said I am going to leave this club. I have a four-year contract, I have said nothing about transfers and I don’t want to speak about it. I don’t listen to what people are saying, I just focus on my football.” said the Frenchman.

“It is not a case of what have Celtic done for me. It is a case of what we have done together.”

Moussa must find it hard to comprehend that the people within Scottish football keep asking him when he’s going to leave. In a time where Scottish football is regularly ridiculed by the people outside it, you think the press would applaud his desire to stay at Celtic and develop for now instead of asking him when he’s off every time the striker talks to the media.


  1. To hell with the money. I want him for the 4 years and then he can walk. He’d deserve it if he seen out his contract.

  2. Pity their not so quick to see an apology coming from Ibrokes to scotty Sinclair Scotland’s shame call themselves journalists their lackies for sevco and nothing more they should b asking police Scotland to investigate richard gough still being part of sevco

  3. The MSM in this pathetic neck of the woods are really the pits..Has anyone noticed that they arnt talking about Brenden now that he’s signed a 4 yr contract..They’ve tried every trick in the book to get him out the door since the day he walked in it..Dembelle’s been linked with every club in the world bar Sevco..Now Sinclair is getting the Racist chants at him now..The way I see it is they’re only trying to unsettle our players and Manager and look where it’s got them..Keith Jackarse is barred out of Celtic Pk and not before time..Keep it up Celtic cause we’ve got them beat in every department..??Hail??Hail??

  4. In a move which rocked the football world today, we reveal an EXCLUSIVE story which will rock the football word to its very core……

    A highly-reliable source inside Celtic Park revealed that Barcelona AND Real Madrid have both swooped to offer Senga The Tea Lady a multi-Euro contract. “Agnes is an avid Celtic fan who has been with us since before teabags were invented,” whispered the source, “but we fear her head may be turned by their offer of a fully-chromed tea trolley with inflatable rubber tyres.”

    “Senga is at the top of her game, and she’s in high demand among the very top clubs who have been tracking her for years. She has never issued a ‘Come and get me’ plea, but that doesn’t stop them from trying to entice her away from Celtic Park. We rank her very highly and she’s a vital part of our team. If she leaves, it will create a domino effect as Brown, Tierney, Dembele, Armstrong, Sinclair, Gordon and Lustig, have all indicated that if Senga leaves, so do they! Paddy Roberts has also made it clear that if she does decide to leave, he’ll make every effort to take her back to Man City with him.”

    Senga was unavailable for comment, and since we can’t seem to talk any of the players into leaving Celtic, we thought we’d give her a try….

  5. The Same old everybody trying to [ut the Boot in:Not for the first time may I add,Why is it Our club can’t get any piece for just being a Football Team : Ops there is the problem Wee are more than a Football Club and all are very Jealous of Us lol :Look at the going on at certain other club VERY Se arouse stuff Not a Mention; Celtic are always getting pick on let;s hope our Team just keeps moving Forward and leave all behind .hh ktf

  6. Do not encourage rags like daily ranger, or the current bun don’t give them house room Do Not Buy Them hail hail


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