For most of us, we support Celtic from a young age and follow the team year after year.

Throughout the highs and lows, we experience it all and here are just ten things you’re likely to identify with/know/experience if you’re a Celtic fan.


  1. You ALWAYS look at the linesman/Ref immediately after Celtic score an important goal because you’re used to ‘honest mistakes.’

2. You don’t fancy our chances against Rosenborg in a qualifier but EXPECT us to beat Bayern Munich by at least two clear goals in the group stage.

3. You’re used to being lumped in with sectarianism when you’ve never sung an anti-religious song in your life.

4. If you wear your Hoops abroad, you’re getting at least one compliment from a foreign bar/cafe owner saying “mon the hoops” or something to that effect.

5. On that same holiday, you’ll see a wee growler at the poolside with a union jack towel.

6. That moment when the music fades out and a full Celtic Park sings You’ll Never Walk Alone makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up.

7. You’re polite as f**k when you have Celtic colours on because you’re representing the club and our supporters.

8. In a game of football down the park, you’ve tried to emulate wee Jimmy Johnstone or Henrik Larsson at some point in your life.

9.Doesn’t matter what age you are you can rhyme off the Lisbon Lion team that won the European Cup.

10. You chant SEBO when someone makes an arse of a shot at goal.

Can you name more things you’d only know being a Celtic fan?


  1. You can spot a sevco fan from a mile off even if they are not wearing their egg stained sevco top or snotter ridden scarf…just by how ugly they are

    • We are not going to win ten in a row, the “honest mistakes” brigade stopped Celtic winning two trebles in a row, and that was with an inept manager. Do you really think we are going to get ten in a row with all the injustice that is Scottish football?

  2. It is always bliss being in Paradise, even when we do get beat, which will be very few and far between this season. Serco will not even get a point off us. Yes they will get their penalty kick(as per normal) but this team will never be beaten by cheats, yes that includes Hearts who really have got egg on their faces, and do they want the S.F.A. to charge themselves for calling their diver a cheat? What a red face, and all this stems from the hatred they have for our great club. They are nearly taking over the sham of Scotland mantle, but not just yet.!!

  3. you try and not rub it in too much to the bears when we stuff them, cause you know they can’t take defeat with any grace. We on the other hand will say If we get beat bad, we played shite!!

  4. You don’t read the written press because you they are just the laptop loyal.

    You expect to be facing a penalty in each game that Thompson Madden or Mclean officiate.

    You know your team can win by four or five goals but sport scene will concentrate on your team getting a fifty fifty decision that changed the game, and in the absence of one the focus will be on a fan who shouted up the ra and how sectarianism should be driven from the game, except at ibrokes.

  5. No 1 is definitely true, it got to the point that I never cheered till the goal was awarded by the officials.
    I have seen so many “honest mistakes” from way back in the Jock Stein years.
    Who can forget R H Davidson from Airdrie? Never refereed a Celtic win over Rangers in eight games, and that was mostly around the time Celtic won the European cup.
    Never forget Jock Steins words “to win the league you don’t need to be better than Rangers, you need to be a lot better.

  6. After 1967, I and many others change the line in Glen Daly’s song from
    “Sure it’s the best darn team in Scotland” to “we’re the best darn team in Europe” even although we are not …………yet !!

  7. Only a celtic fan will know, they don’t get a penalty unless we are coasting it but rangers will get one when they are one down to get them back into a game!

  8. Simple…….You just know and feel, that your team is very, very special when you taste that atmosphere in the European ties, even back in the sixties it was so amazing and somewhat different to the Scottish games HH


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