The Greater Glasgow Police division have confirmed a 15-year-old has been charged in connection with the vile slur Scott Brown was subjected to at Ibrox on Sunday.

A video emerged on Tuesday of the Gers fan making the comment which catches Scott Brown off guard.

There has been rightful condemnation of the comment and the young lad has now been reprimanded by police.

It has been claimed the fan will also receive a lifetime ban from Ibrox which is the correct thing to do.

The police have also confirmed the 15-year-old has been referred for the ‘Early and Effective Interventions Co-ordinator.’

Educating this young lad is important. If he’s been brought up to believe this type of behaviour is ok then immediate intervention is necessary.

Nobody should be abused like that in any walk of life never mind Scott Brown while he does his job with Celtic. Rivalry is fine, when it gets to this point it’s nothing other than toxic.



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