CELTIC have been linked with a move for Brentford’s Romaine Sawyers for a while now with many believing the club were closing in on the midfielder at one point with reports of a £1.5m bid rejected.

In the past two weeks, it’s all gone quiet when it comes to the Brentford captain until today that is.

West Brom have reportedly bid £2.2m for the midfielder with Brentford rejecting the offer according to SunSport.

If this new rejected deal is legitimate, it would be hard to see Celticcoming back to the table and offering upwards of £3million for the player.

Celtic have already found out this summer that shopping in the English market leaves you open to over-inflated prices and going up against clubs who are willing to throw large wads of cash over and above their real market value. Celtic need to box clever and if Brentford are waiting for a big bid for the player it’s not likely to come from the Scottish Champions.


  1. They reportedly want 3m. If we dont feel he is worth that, then how highly do we rate him? If he is deemed by our club not to be worth 3m,then why are we chasing a player we clearly feel is not worth even 3m? Very scabby from Celtic again as the CL deadline comes rushing towards us

  2. Some times you put out Dummy runs keeps the media on there toes and away from the player you want just a game some times its all paper talk only when they sign you know the deal is done and that we got the player we wanted…


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