It seems longer somehow but it’s only been one season since Samaras left Celtic for pastures new after not being offered a new deal by the club.

The big Greek was a very divisive figure during his Celtic career. When he was good he was unplayable when he was bad he was rotten.

He has now become a free-agent after things didn’t work out at West Brom, he even had a loan period briefly with Al-Hilal during that time.

The player is now contemplating his future just like last summer but is it time for Celtic to bring the player back home?

Here are 5 reasons why I think they should.

1) He has been a very divisive figure among the support. Sometimes rightly criticised but more often than not made a scape-goat when the team didn’t get the results they wanted. Many fans believed that because of Samaras’ body language that he was sometimes not trying his all. This couldn’t be further from the truth. During his 7 years all in at the club the player showed his passion and determination for Celtic and did not shy away from responsibilities in the bad times.

2) With Celtic looking to go into the Champions League proper why wouldn’t you look at a free agent like Samaras as a good deal for the club. In his previous Champions League exploits on more than one occasion he was our best player. Need I remind people that it was Samaras who actually broke Celtic’s away day hoodoo in the Champions League playing against Spartak Moscow. He relishes the big nights and is a handful for defenders.


3) Celtic put a lot of time and money into the 30-year-old over the years and to let that go to waste now would be a shame. It was regrettable that the board never deemed him worthy of a new contract last summer. Here is a chance to right that wrong and let the attacker come back in with a chip on his shoulder ready to prove those people wrong.

4) He knows the Scottish game and would be a help to the younger lads in the squad. Everything is geared towards youth these days but you also have to have tried and tested players in your team. Players who can put there arm round younger guys and help
get the best out of them. He would also slot right back into the squad with minimal fuss as he knows most of them. He would also fit very comfortably into a Ronny Deila team.

5) Samaras knows what Celtic is all about. He became immersed in the club over the years. The pictures of him and his best pal Wee Jay Beatty were a particular highlight of the Championship celebrations last season when he lifted the young Celtic fan out from the stands and brought him onto the pitch – it was a touching moment. The frontman gets the ethos of the club and understands the fans. This can never be overlooked in this day in age. We have just seen a striker head from Celtic to Celta Vigo with dollar signs in his eyes. Loyalty and respect for the club is a massive thing.

So make up your own mind if you would like to see Samaras dawn that famous Hooped jersey once again.

No doubt they’ll be people pulling their hair out at this article because there is a genuine minority out there that never appreciated Samaras and constantly hounded him. But I suspect many fans, even the ones who suffered from high blood pressure because of the big man have a soft spot for him.




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