THE FLORIDA CUP descended into farce yesterday when the organisers put out a video of the event which included fans of the participating sides singing.

Only when it got to The Rangers fans, there was nothing but sectarian bile oozing from their mouths embarrassing themselves and the tournament organisers who were none the wiser.

This song is outlawed in Scotland and has been since 2006 for its vile lyrics but is sang regularly in the galleries at Ibrox and around Scotland’s stadiums.

The MSM has reported on this vile song being sung in Florida but neglects the sheer volume of people singing back in Scotland.

The clip is still on Florida’s cup official youtube channel.


  1. Scotlands shame at it again
    The SFA must be proud
    The organisers of the tournament should kick them out of it. They are a blight on the game and society, once again they prove they really are Scotlands shame

  2. They will Never Change Until there is a Mighty Change at The SCOTTISH FA, and The SPL. Hidden Hatred for Celtic and Their Recent Seasons Sucess, from the Powers That Be. I hear people Saying If CELTIC Supporters Done that the Authorities would Hammer Them…… BUT CELTIC Supporters would not Do That. We Have more RESPECT. Period. HAIL HAIL KTF.

  3. Nothing will be done because we live in a country run by Masons and Orangemen, I for one am ashamed to be a scottish when I hear their bile, the police in Scotland seem to actively enjoy it on match days, they certainly do nothing to stop it.

  4. Aaah,The Sevconian Pretendy Pretendy Supporters of a Club thats Popped its Clogs A few Years Back.It doesnt matter a jot what these Disgraceful Vile Bigots do.There Old Club,Before it Sunk.Broke every Rule in the Book,And SFA was done about it,Its All Dodgy handshakes from the Zombie Boardroom straight up to the SFA and SPFL!!!!We should take great joyin what our Wonderful Club is Doing on and off the Park.They are still living in the 17th Century.An embarrassment and absolute Disgrace to Our Game.Sooner they go the better.HH Proud to be a Tim..

  5. The One The Only Florida Cup,The Only Piecevof Silverware Sevco CanEver Have A Chance ofGetting There Thieving Corrupt Hands On.Rangers 1872 and Sevco 2012,Different Joabi but Same Flies 100% Guaranteed.Its 99% of there Rancid Support,That ruins it for the Rest…HH Florida,We Sincerely Apologise for These Cretins Invading your Air Space.It hasnt been proven either way,Yet.If Sevcosuss is Contagious.Memory Loss Delusions of Grandeur,Fantasising,Impersonating Dead Clubs and Fans are just a few of the symptoms.These Vile Creatures are Notorious for Showing.Oh and Endlessssss Grieving.TRIL foundeid 1690


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