Celtic have come out on top in the stadium showdown on social media.

The Sports Stadia of the World social media feed looks at all sorts of venues across the globe. When it comes to Celtic and their rivals, they’ve concluded it’s Celtic’s stadium and atmosphere that wins the day. Their conclusion coming seemingly from how many neutrals rate Celtic Park.

There’s not one supporter going to Ibrox that will concede this point and they’ll try and tell you why their stadium is better. However, Celtic do have a 60,000 capacity, 10k more than the Govan club.

The new Celtic Park was delivered in the 90s by Fergus McCann who had the attitude of if you build it, they will come.

The stadium isn’t always at capacity on SPFL days, much like ibrox but on European nights or massive derby games, it’s an incredible atmosphere.

One thing we would say is the Celtic atmosphere is still being applauded now, but so many European teams are besting Celtic. There has to be a team who can rise to the atmosphere and play above themselves like we seen under O’Neill, Strachan and even Lennon in the 21 century.

We want players to be intimidated, not to come to Glasgow, beat us, then praise the fans.



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