The Green Brigade is a vocal and fervent section of the club’s support for many years. Lately, the group has been in the limelight not just for their unwavering support but also for a series of unfortunate incidents that have raised eyebrows and concerns.

Recent events leading up to the ban on the Green Brigade attending away matches are not related to their vocal support for Palestine, despite the group claiming so, but instead stem from more disruptive behaviours.

Celtic fans
Soccer Football – Champions League – Group E – Celtic v Lazio – Celtic Park, Glasgow, Scotland, Britain – October 4, 2023 Celtic fans inside the stadium hold up scarves before the match Action Images via Reuters/Jason Cairnduff

CeltsAreHere understands that members of the GB  are accused of attempting to unlawfully enter Celtic Park prior to the Champions League match against Lazio. In addition to this breach of security, there have been accounts of stewards and other staff members facing threats and abusive behaviour from some members of the group. A culmination of incidents have the group under the spotlight.

The issue at hand ISN’T about Palestine or the flags, I find it important to clarify that I align with many of the Green Brigade’s political beliefs and have generally appreciated their presence at Celtic Park over the years. However, my support isn’t absolute. Every fan, every group, including the Green Brigade, should uphold the standards and regulations that every other fan is expected to follow when supporting the club.

The group must take a moment to consider their role in recent incidents. By taking steps to regulate their own members, they can identify and address those few who tarnish their reputation. Blaming these issues solely on their current political stance is both inaccurate and inappropriate. However, if they continue to refute they have no issues to resolve, this current malaise will only deepen.

It’s crucial for both the group and the club to foster open and constructive dialogue going forward. A divided fanbase benefits no one.


  1. You cannot dialogue with, nor trust, Communists. The only way to deal with the problem is root it out of the club once and for all.


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