On Saturday, Celtic lifted the league title, making it their tenth title in eleven years. To celebrate, fans headed to the Merchant City area of Glasgow, where thousands gathered.

Police confirmed that, on the whole, fans were well behaved, with only a few arrests made and fixed penalty notices issued.

One video has emerged showing a Celtic supporter guiding a mother and her children through the crowd of jubilant fans. The fan ensured that the woman emerged from the crowd safely, with her young children following her.

It’s fantastic to see – the wee man even comes out of the crowd with a scarf for his troubles.

As usual, the vast majority of Celtic supporters are were a credit to themselves and the club.

The scenes in Glasgow on Saturday were class. Supporters were in full voice, singing songs for the Champions.

Thousands of fans had gathered to celebrate, yet the city wasn’t destroyed and there was no running battles with police. A welcome change after some of the horrible scenes we witnessed in Glasgow last year after an Ibrox title win.


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