THE GREEN BRIGADE ran their annual food drive on Saturday when Celtic took on Hearts in the SPFL.

It was a great day on the field but thanks to the generosity of the Celtic fans and the hard work of the Celtic group they have raised a phenomenal amount for charity and helped stock food banks in the city.

Here is their total for the day.

‘A football club will be formed for the maintenance of dinner tables for the children and unemployed.’ – The ethos of Celtic at it’s very beginning still shining through today in the fans who follow the club through thick and thin.

As they always do, the Green Brigade will let everyone know in due course how these funds and food donations have helped the wider community.

This is sadly needed in today’s modern society with so many cuts hitting the most vulnerable. It’s at times like these when we all need to band together to help our fellow man.

We are proud of the Celtic fans efforts here.



  1. I’d didn’t see a single notification article on the food drive for Saturday, I have always brought along the tinned goods, pasta, and no perishables that are required and I was dissapointed to be within 100m of the stadium before I realised it was a food drive day.

    Post some notices in advance please (on Celtic news).


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