The Evening Times Chief football writer has written the words ‘it was a dark night for Celtic’ because of the clashes with Swedish police in the stands in Sweden.

Mathew Lindsay wrote: “It was a dark night for Celtic and the tarnished reputation of Scottish football and another UEFA punishment is certain to follow.”

Without bothering to find out what went on or look at the readily available videos online of how the Swedish police handled the Celtic fans, the writer has opted to ignore and get his pound of flesh.

As Celtic smashed it on the park, the chief reporter focused on what looked like a very violent and heavyhanded response to what was going on in the stands.

Of course, there will be no defence of the Celtic fans from any quarter of the media. The trouble in Ajax a few years back seen all fans acquitted after being made out to be hooligans in the press.

If anyone would like to see the videos that caused it to be a ‘dark day’ for Celtic you can view them here. 

We’d suggest had AIK fans came up against the same type of police response in Glasgow then they would have been beaten black and blue.

Celtic fans can be seen standing and backing off the police before one wades in and starts hitting a supporter.

The media coverage like Lindsay’s is there to push the narrative that we should be lumped in with the bunch at Ibrox who have been charged with sectarian and racist behaviour. It’s absolutely bogus.


  1. Yet still, we allow these parasites access to our hospitality at Celtic Park.
    All of our players should be instructed to give absolutely no assistance ,quotes or otherwise to these hun scumbags.
    Time for the Tory board to defend our club,for once,and ban every last one of them.
    However,the only spine that would ever be found in a boardroom meeting at Paradise would of the variety found in a book.HH


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