Chris Sutton has come to the defence of former Celtic midfielder Aiden McGeady after the player was pictured eating a McDonalds with his Sunderland teammate after a game.

The Sunderland site in question brands McGeady and Chris Maguire as a ‘disgrace’ for daring to have a cheeseburger after a loss in the league.

The blog, clearly beyond parody was seen by Chris Sutton who came to the defence of his former Celtic teammate.

Aiden came through the ranks at Celtic before he was sold to Spartak Moscow for £9m back in the day.

The player has had a steady career and done well for himself. However, now at Sunderland, it would appear he has to deal with absolute eejits. The two things at play here is some snuck a picture of the two of them eating a McDonald’s which is creepy behaviour and the other is some wee guy battering his keyboard, absolutely raging because Aiden had some French fries. Nobody tell him it was a full fat coke!


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