THE SPFL have made an absolute joke of the semi-final set up from start to finish.

From going against police advice and trying to stage both games at Hamden on the same day to pushing Celtic out to Murrayfield without any sort of real explanation – it’s amateur hour from Neil Doncaster again.

Celtic sent out a strongly worded statement last night which took aim at the SPFL for ignoring the club’s ‘modest request’ to hold a draw to see which game ended up where.

Instead they forged ahead with plans to send Celtic and Hearts to Murrayfield – a stadium which Hearts are very familiar and will have the upper hand on the day.

Brendan Rodgers has come out and said he’s very disappointed with the decision. You would be too as a manager if you had a 100% record at Hampden and you got unceremoniously punted to Murrayfield without any semblance of an explanation.

Some fans have had enough and they have voiced their opinion on the SPFL’s actions – saying that if the SPFL aren’t willing to be fair then why should Celtic bother taking their allocation.


  1. I am not asking for the fans to boycott this but the club, enough is enough time for Peter Lawell to stand up for the club, operation stop Celtic is clearly in play. Think of the stouche if we call ithe out and just refuse to accept this nonsense and walk away. Classic opportunity that should be seized.

  2. Club won’t and shouldn’t walk away from the tournament,fans however should but won’t boycott the semi.
    After sending a letter asking for a draw to be made to decide which tie plays where,the spfl/sfa have said fu*k you and fu*k sporting integrity,we will decide.The Hearts/Celtic tie was drawn first,so surely that tie should’ve been played at the national stadium.

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