What a contrast from February but when Celtic lose there’s always someone who has to get the brunt of the blame.

I’d say Oli Burke is the perfect target for plenty of Celtic fans after his lacklustre display at Ibrox. He was poor, but there were no-shows all over the pitch. Both Oli and Michael Johnstone were woeful and while they deserve a certain amount of criticism it shouldn’t be lost on people they both brought in from the cold.

It’s easier to slam Burke because he won’t be here next season – that’s clear.

The Scottish international had a great start to his Celtic career but that seemed to stop right around the Valencia tie and then the departure of Brendan Rodgers seen the player lose his first team place.

After Sunday’s 2-0 defeat to the Ibrox side – there were plenty of fans having a go at the West Brom man, but is it really fair?

@Hadam96: Get Oliver Burke on the first train back to West Brom!!

@DeclanDunbar: Oliver Burke how are u a football player

@liamanderson411: Oliver Burke: not fit to wear the jersey

@EvanMcFarlane: Least we’re finally seeing why Oliver Burke barely got a look in at West Brom. Guff.

@meatsglasgow: Oliver Burke a fraud

Celtic still have trophy day and a Scottish Cup final to contest, the inquest into a meaningless game at Ibrox can wait. The club surely know they have to ring in the changes this summer, as it’s not a debate now – it’s fact!


  1. Nothing to do with one or two players, we have been well below par for many many months, over an entire season imo. Standards fell in rodgers second season and fell further this season people ignored the warning signs

  2. Win as a team lose as a team. Its there to see that Celtic need yet one more decent injection of cash and less loan deals. Now there lies the quandry for the money men and the scouts.

    Put up and shut up.

  3. Its time to upgrade the team its time the fans to tell the board just in case they are not listening that they need to spend spend spend £20 to 30 million,so the new manager can put his own stamp on his own Celtic team the new manager can clear out all the dead wood and bring in those players that will set next season on fire…

    Give the manager £20 to £30 million for four or five or six new faces so we can do nine….


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