Japan-based sports journalist Dan Orlowitz revealed on social media he would be a little stunned if Celtic signed all THREE players currently linked with the club in the January window.

Dan has been great giving the lowdown on Daizen Maeda, Reo Hatate and Yosuke Ideguchi as of late; the UK Media is positive all three are coming to Celtic.

Of course, this is just an opinion from Dan but he has nothing to lose or gain from any speculation about players coming to Celtic.

Three players coming from the same league and trying to adapt to Scottish football could be too much, too soon.

People look at Kyogo and think it’ll be a doddle, but given the J-League season is now over and any new Japanese signings would be at least a few weeks removed from competitive football, it could take longer for them to settle.

Kyogo came in while the season was still going on in Japan and didn’t skip a beat.


  1. Don’t see why they couldn’t all come in and start playing. There’s an assumption that because their season has ended they will be out partying or on the lash, but I would suspect that they keep themselves pretty fit and wouldn’t take long to get up to speed. Now if it was 3 Scottish players……yes could see there might be a problem. If it is to happen think the players would have an idea by now and would have kept up training.


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