Former Celtic striker Craig Beattie has proven last night on Superscoreboard that his punditry skills are on a par with his striking skills. Read into that what you want.

The retired pro took his seat on the panel for Wednesday night’s show on Clyde One and some Celtic fans couldn’t believe what they were hearing from Craig.

Speaking about Ryan Kent signing for Steven Gerrard, Beattie claimed Kent had a better season than Odsonne Edouard in his first season with Celtic when the bhoys would go on to pay £9m for Eddy. The point Beattie was trying to make is Kent was not a gamble for the Ibrox club.

“It’s definitely not a gamble [signing Kent for a high fee],” Beattie told Superscoreboard, as cited by HITC. “I’ll draw an analogy to Brendan Rodgers bringing Eduoard on loan [last season] with the £9 million loan fee if he was happy with him.

“Kent did a lot better than Edouard did during his loan season. And I think that’s the reason it’s not a gamble. And I also think that was the reason they were able to push through the £7 million on the last day of the window.”

Eddy played fewer games than Kent and scored more goals in all competitions. The striker scored the winner at Ibrox in a 3-2 game which virtually sealed the league title. Kent scored against Celtic at Parkhead and was still on the losing side.

Most importantly, Celtic were able to comfortably afford £9m for the player without batting an eyelid. To claim there was parity in the loan moves would have been bad enough but to say ‘a lot’ better is crazy.

Kent was a standout in a pretty poor Gers team and he lashed out at Scott Brown ensuring he gets a plaque at Ibrox. Well done mate.


  1. Heard this last nite nearly fell of ma chair laughing, what is it about punters or x footballers that want to spew anything to try and put life into a deed club will they never learn just another embarrassment.

  2. LOL that is funny but hey we want them to think there players are much better than ours talk is cheap so let them talk all they want people who watch the games know Celtic are still way out in front,they would have to put down 50 million on players just to hold on to Celtic and that is not to get in front of Celtic it would take much more than that,the next two windows first the winter window we will see some more players move out we may even get one or two in maybe not but next seasons summer window we should have all the dead wood players gone and our manager will add some more new faces as we go for a record 10 in a row….

  3. We didn’t half poop their party last Sunday by skelping them at Ibroke this imposter was lined up as the icing on the cake if they HAD beaten us he would have been paraded around the dump like the crown jewels they got their fingers burned and sent Herr Klopp laughing all the way to the bank a guy who scored six goals in 43 games in Scotland makes him the off load of the century.HaHaHa!!

  4. As usual,the precarious financial position that club are in,is conveniently overlooked.
    His facts are wrong,his analogy flawed,and even Celtic paying £9m for Edouard was a gamble…and we’re secure,unlike Sevco.
    Maybe he’s right in saying its not a gamble,mind you….more a last ditch roll of the dice,or a lottery ount with the mortgage money.
    Personally i’d rather take a chance with a ten bob hooker without a condom,than what they’ve done.


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