Former Celtic flop Kundai Benyu has been speaking out about his time at Celtic.

The winger never made the grade in Glasgow but he felt he wasn’t given the same opportunities as others in a candid interview with Football Scotland.

Kundai, who now place for Vestri, a club in the second tier of Icelandic football, believes Rodgers wasn’t for giving him a chance — not even when he was putting the work in on the training ground.

At its peak, Brendan’s team was very difficult to get into. The Irishman had his 11-14 players he trusted on a weekly basis and they delivered the goods.

Kundai came in a bundle of energy but it was clear almost instantly he wasn’t up to scratch and would need major work in order to make the step up into the first team. he even had a stint at Helsingborg under Henrik Larsson but that did nothing for his Celtic career.

Speaking out about his time at Celtic, the Ventri player believes he was promised the world but given very little.

“Brendan actually called me personally which was amazing. Aston Villa, Tottenham, West Ham and all the other clubs just sent representatives but Brendan calling was major for me.

“(Later) I wasn’t angry at all but I was really frustrated because I wasn’t given a fair chance.
I believe in my ability and I was better than some people but it didn’t matter what I did in training, certain players would still get the nod ahead of me.

“If I said something, people would say I had a bad attitude, but I just wanted to play and show what I could do.

“I have no regrets but a lot was promised that wasn’t delivered.”

As far as I’m aware, in the early days of Brendan’s tenure at the club, he would always call new signings to seal the deal.

Sometimes players don’t fit teams and you can be signed with the best intentions but ultimately fail.

Kundai is right to believe in his own ability but there’s a reason he’s not even made it to the lower leagues in England. It was a poor signing in the end up and for whatever reason, the player has decided to talk about it now. Maybe his Ventri contract is up shortly?


  1. I think your comment is unfair.
    A manager such as Ange would have given Kundai the opportunity and also the support he needed. I thought at the time that letting him go was not a good decision. He was not given a fair crack of the whip.


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