According to Neil Lennon himself, he is now a calm measured and patient individual. Lennon is famous for his passion both as a player and as a manager. He has lost it in front of the cameras enough times to prove sometimes his passion boiled over into rage.

It’s hard to believe the Lurgan man kept his cool in the dressing room at half-time against Cluj and Dunfermline this week. With ex-Celtic players turned pundits all having their say on Lennon’s start to the season the Celtic manager was in a zen mood.

In an interview with the Record Sport, the Hoops boss shared how he has matured over the past decade as a person and manager.

Lennon said:

“I can take criticism, you have to. When it’s from ex-team-mates? Sutty is a pundit so he’s got to do his job. “That’s Chris’ job now. If you’re going to take it personally then you shouldn’t be here. Guys like him, Andy Walker, John Hartson, they’re just giving an opinion because it’s their job.

“Whether I want to listen to it or not is another thing but I don’t take it personally. They’ll see the game the way they see it and I’ll see it my way. I have more perspective now as a manager. That comes with experience.”

“Ten years ago I’d have been on the phone to Sutty saying: ‘See you, what are you talking about? Wait until I see you.”

In truth, at this moment in time, Neil has bigger problems that require his energy more than what a couple of ex-pros are saying about performances. The manager has been around football his whole life, he doesn’t need an expert to tell him it has been a bad week in the job.

The pressure cooker is on full and only results can get things to simmer down. With just over two weeks left of a transfer window, some new faces at Paradise would also help.