CELTIC have been drawn in a group against Salzburg, Leipzig and Rosenborg in the Europa League.

It’s a group that doesn’t look very glamorous but it most certainly will pack a punch.

The long and the short of it is, Celtic can beat any team in that group but they also can be beaten by any team in that group.

We should not fear Rosenborg, we have knocked them out of Europe twice in two years, we can make it three.

It comes down to results against the two Red Bull teams and Celtic will have to bring their ‘A’ game to compete and win to earn the right to play in the knockout phase.

Chris Sutton believes the bhoys have a decent chance of progression if they can get their act together off the field.

Celtic must settle their squad and get ready for battle. The Europa League group stages start on 20th Septemeber. Full fixture list to follow.




  1. Good teams in the uefa cup, don’t know why some fans degrading it ,!!this is a tough group, but we can get a result here if we sort ourself out,get this bloody transfer window shut,so we can concentrate on the games coming,this shambles is taking away any footballing interest,distracting from what we should be looking forward to?should see paradise full for these games, we have the quality to progress.

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