Social media is rife with wayward rumours and speculation.

Last night, popular Celtic fan ‘Paul the Tim’ floated the idea onto social media Shane Duffy to Celtic was a possibility. Since then, a lot of Celtic fans have been jumping on this and believe Duffy could be the answer to Celtic’s defensive problems when it comes to problematic centre forwards.

Some Celtic fans have been going overboard with their criticism of Celtic’s defence since the Kilmarnock game. Jullien and Ajers inability to deal with muscle and power of Kabamba was frustrating but they’re not bad players. They have done so much good for the team but the perception is, they find it hard to mix it with the more physical one-dimensional players.

This is where many are looking to a Shane Duffy type player who is more a no-nonsense defender than anything else. Someone who will mix it with big men and come out on top more often than not.

These Celtic fans are all for it.

Duffy, 28, currently plays for Brighton but could be on the move this summer. His contract has three years to run, meaning Celtic would have to pay a decent fee for the player.

It just doesn’t seem in the stars.


  1. Yep over rated our defence problems comes from been to far up the park due to brown and McGregors and Taylor’s back passing while our three guys having to race back like fuck ,cos of brown not stopping strikers getting in the game is by passing the midfielders and there is nothing been done to plug this fucking gap, we all pay players wages here ,and managers. but we will not support fucking managers chums getting games over skilled players


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