Celtic haven’t had the most scintillating season performance wise but as champions do, we get results when we need to. Turning one point into three has always been something many Celtic teams have been able to do, no matter how late in the day.

Celtic scored some very late winners to grab three points this season, especially under Neil Lennon – although there was the famous Scott Brown goal which won the league at Rugby Park under Brendan Rodgers.

The bhoys finished the SPFL season nine points ahead of their Ibrox counterparts and had the league virtually wrapped up when the Ibrox club went on their best run of the season.

The straw clutching from Ibrox has been quite something and the same patter we have been getting since their inaugural jaunt into the SPFL is – ‘You just wait till next season!’.

While Celtic fans have been celebrating winning eight in a row and preparing to head to Hampden on Saturday for the final of the Scottish Cup – there has been somebody who has concocted this petty and pretty hilarious league table that puts the Ibrox club top for the season if they don’t include goals after 80 minutes.

Basically, here’s a league table that discounts victories.


This is superb! I wonder if the Ibrox club will complain to the SFA next season that 90 minutes is too long and Celtic should be restricted to 80 going forward.


  1. Sad peepul! Now they are part timers only playing 80mins. However, the real table shows that they have fallen short in the real world. Total w@nkers. How low can they go to have sevco on top.

  2. WOW good job men play for 90 mins in every game its clear to see many teams switch off in the last 10 mins of games and that all comes down to being the managers fault for not seeing the games out..

  3. These morons are pathetic just a few days ago they were raving about El Buffoon scoring 100 goals quicker than Ronaldo etc, a goof who cannot even make the panel for Colombia,and the best selling dodgy videos around Ibroke are of three goals against the 8 times champions what a sad bitter lot they are and they are well tutored by the gurner slippy tit.

  4. Is it me or am I just missing something here, What exactly do they mean wait until next season, Slippy G & Co, Is Their chairman offering them a free safari trip one way ticket, I smell 👉💩🙊🙉🙈💩👈

  5. After they have us cut to 80 minutes
    What then? 70 60 50
    Celtic can only play one half of football
    Only the muppets
    It’s feckin playground stuff
    “it’s my ball and if I’m not gonna be champions, I’ll change the rules”
    Comedy gold again
    The tribute act and their zombies never stop with the entertainment
    Hail Hail

  6. If you add on time every time the ball is out of play, there would be around 25 to 30 minutes extra time in every game. I wonder if they could cope with that. Sevco’s club and fan statements are simply embarrassing.


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