TALKSPORT are famous for trying to put the Scottish game down but this must be a new low for even them.

Ranking football rivalries by ‘passion’ and ‘ferocity’ they have decided that the Glasgow Derby doesn’t even manage the top ten.

Who does manage the top ten?

  • 10. Benfica v Sporting Lisbon
  • 9. Fenerbahce v Galatasaray
  • 8. Everton v Liverpool
  • 7. Flamengo v Fluminense
  • 6. Olympiakos v Panathinaikos
  • 5. Arsenal v Tottenham
  • 4. Al Ahly v Zamalek
  • 3. Atletico Madrid v Real Madrid
  • 2. Manchester United v Manchester City
  • 1. River Plate vs Boca Juniors

You have to go to 12th in the table to find Celtic vs The Rangers. The article puts it down to the Ibrox Club’s ‘meltdown’ in 2012 for those who want to call liquidation a meltdown. It suggests the derby isn’t as fierce because The Rangers are not up to scratch.

If we are measuring it on ferocity and passion then this is a massive oversight or just intentional mischieve making by the lads at TalkSport who surely can’t put the Manchester Derby anywhere near the top ten if they were being honest with themselves.

Maybe this is their way of hyping up the Manchester Derby later on this evening.

While Celtic have dominated the fixture it still isn’t for the faint of heart. The game at Celtic Park recently showing what can happen when emotions boil over. A late winner for Celtic making sure the bhoys had bragging rights in the city.



  1. But this what we want! This abomination should be down played as it is the ‘Old Firm’. The ‘Old Firm’ is dead therefore this article is very mixed up. As they are new rangers it shouldn’t make the top 100. Make your bleedin mind up.


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