KIERAN TIERNEY felt compelled to tweet out to his followers after watching Celtic the Musical at the Pavillion theatre tonight.

The Celtic defender seemed happy with what he saw because immediately following the event the young man posted this message to Celtic fans on his social media.

Kieran Tierney is a die hard Celtic fan and has been since he can remember.

His love for the club sees him sitting in with the rest of the fans when he can’t compete and he always has time to speak and take pictures with fans before and after games.


The Celtic Musical has been a hit this year, with many fans who have gone to see the show bowled over by its brilliance.

Kieran Tierney’s tweet seems to suggest it hits the right note.

The defender will have been having a well deserved night off before the bhoys do battle against Rosenborg on Thursday night.

The Europa League campaign starts against the Norwegians at Celtic Park and everyone is looking to get off to a positive start.


  1. So true KT I took my bhoy and his Mum and he uttered the same words while thanking me fo” introducing him to our Great World loved club”(as if i couldnt )Hail Hail CELTIC A TRUE ICONIC CLUB only in brigadoon Scotland do people give us no credit tho we know WHY! HAIL HAIL TO OUR GREAT CLUB AND TO THE TREBLE! TREBLE


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