Jock Brown took part in a great interview with A Celtic State of Minds Amy Canavan last week. The former Celtic General Manager spoke about all things Celtic from back when he was employed by Fergus McCann and the trials and tribulations of dealing with the press, signings and the politics of Scottish football.

In her debut podcast ‘Soccer Supernova‘, the student journalist probed Brown on many different Celtic matters.

Some of the things covered:

  • Bringing in Wim Jansen and Dr Jo Venglos.
  • Signing players including; Henrik Larsson, Lubo Moravick, Johnathan Gould and Marc Rieper.
  • Why Jorge Cadete’s Celtic deal fell through.
  • Tosh McKinlay and Henrik Larsson’s training ground bust-up.

And much more.

The former Celtic staffer was asked for his own opinion on where he thinks Celtic have gone wrong this season.

Brown admitted he wasn’t in any sort of loop to know any of the inner workings of Celtic nowadays but he does believe the club have planned poorly over the last decade.

Speaking about Celtic’s capitulation in the ten in a row season, the former journalist puts a lot of emphasis on Celtic not building themselves up in Europe and just being content with hoovering up silverware in Scotland.

Brown believes had Celtic used the time well, they could have hoovered up silverware and became a better force in Europe.,

“I think it’s a very complicated situation and there’s a big tendency for everybody to come up with snap answers.

“I do think the club has become a victim of inadequate planning.

“Not being ambitious enough while it was easy to win the league. they weren’t ambitious enough in a European superpower”

“That’s what I would have thought would have been the correct way forward at that time

“You could argue looking at some of the players and asking ‘Is the quality there?’

They need the hunger too, has there been some complacency? I don’t know. I thought they would have won the ten in a row without any bother, I must confess.

Brown did concede he has a lot of sympathy for the current Celtic manager and would like to see him come out the other end of this unscathed.

“I have great sympathy for Neil Lennon, I’m not a Neil Lennon critic, I have great sympathy for him, I think he’s had a very rough time; an unfairly rough time. I would like to see him come out of it and come through it.”

You can watch or listen to the whole show below. We look forward to many more of Amy’s interviews.


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