Aberdeen fans must have been hibernating during October because they have woke up in November to make sure they got their tickets to the League Cup Final.

The Dons had to embarrassingly hand back briefs they initially demanded for the semi-final against The Rangers. In the end, they took around 11,000 fans to Hampden with them.

Each one of those 11,000 got to watch their team knock out a hapless Gers side and take their place in the final.

Bearing in mind the bhoys took a record-breaking 30k to Murrayfield for their semi-final there was much negotiating for the final, and it was decided Celtic would get the majority of tickets 25,000 to Aberdeen’s 20,000.

Lo and behold, the 18,000 briefs which were handed over to the Dons for sale have already sold out. That’s 7,000 more than they took to Hampden and they’re expected to get their last lot of tickets which will no doubt sell.

Celtic’s tickets have not gone on sale yet for the December 2nd clash but are likely to be offered out to season ticket holders on the Home Cup Ticket scheme.

If there’s any left after that, it will go to ordinary season ticket holders.

There’s no doubt Celtic will sell their allocation; it’s just a shame 5k who made the Edinburgh trip will not be getting the chance to watch the final in person.

We discussed the situation earlier this month and were torn between wanting to be fair to fans and making sure the final is a spectacle with both sides making noise from the off.

Had Aberdeen only got the allocation they sold at the Semi-final it could have been a rather one-sided affair in the stands which probably wouldn’t make for a red-hot atmosphere.

Nice to see the Dons have come out to support their side, eventually.



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