Aberdeen have APPEALED Shay Logan’s red card even after the footage emerged of the “footballer” raising his hands to Mikael Lustig after the final whistle.

Shay got a bit excited at beating a big team and looked like he refused to shake Mikael Lustig’s hand after the game. Words were exchanged before Shay took a swing at the World Cup bound star.

He then tried to taunt the Celtic fans who were too busy celebrating their trophy triumph to care.

It’s clear that Shay acted like a daft, petulant child on the day and should grow up and take his punishment like a man.

However, the Dons have appealed the decision – on what grounds, we do not know.

Aberdeen fans constantly use the race card to defend their player’s ‘neddish’ behaviour when in actuality, the guy is just a bit of a tit – the ONLY reason why Celtic fans don’t care for him.

Knowing the SFA, anything is possible and Logan could have the decision overturned. If they do, expect an open top bus parade with the team holding the appeal aloft. Well, they’ve nothing else to lift…


  1. Logan is well backed up with Shimmie and McLean. But what else do you expect as Thier manager played with the biggest cloggers of all. The now defunked Rangers! And Motherwell will kick us off the park on Saturday, make no mistake!. I forecast at least two of the Motherwell players being sent off!

  2. Logan is evil personified. His behaviour was demonstrably hateful and Aberdeen FC have declared themselves to be supportive of such hatred. How can they support the unsupportable?

  3. The guy is a total and utter mummys boy. Lustig chased the wee boy after he thought he could have a go lol. He’s probably trying for a hun contract look at me I’m a hard pussy hahahaha


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