BRENDAN RODGERS branded the late challenge on his captain yesterday as ‘naughty’ but also questioned why Shay Logan felt compelled to kick the ball off Scott as he was on the ground.

We all seen what happened next – the Celtic captain popped straight back up and laughed before swaggering away in front of the away support.

Rodgers was just glad Brown came out the incident unscathed.

“It’s not a great challenge from the boy who got sent off. It was naughty.

“Logan didn’t set the best example for young players when he twice tried to smash the ball at the player on the floor.

“Fortunately for Scott, he didn’t hurt him.

Aberdeen lost the plot yesterday after Kieran Tierney put 10 men Celtic two goals ahead to seal the victory. Another match without victory for the Dons against the Scottish champions.


  1. Logan showed yesterday just what he is, a little scumbag! He hit Broonie with the ball while he was on the ground, and he ran away, just like the little midden he is. Go back and crawl under he stone you crawled out of Logan, because you are just a little rat! Hail Hail. Does 10 in a row sound fimiliar? Ten wins against the sheepmen, and ten in a row on its way!!!

  2. Logan is an out and out despicable little coward. He has done this before and always runs away before he gets a boot up the arse. Horrible little runt.

  3. Logan you are not only a liar you are a disgrace as a professional so called football player, You are a coward you could have caused an injury to our Captain Scott Brown, You did not hang around to find out, What you had done was run away like a scared rabbit back into the hole that you had popped out for, But do you know what, You shall have no where to run and nowhere to hide when you arrive at Paradise when we do 11 In A Row against your lot, You are sure to get a warm welcome from the Celtic Support & Oh Yes and an even bigger welcome from [BROONY] our captain, Looking forward to your next return to Paradise [SCUM BAG].

  4. i just can’t fathom this boy out, he’s not one of the best I’ve seen, he’s lucky to be playing
    for Aberdeen, he plays the same against every team, why referee’s don’t see this is beyond me,
    he’s like a Sunday pub player, a dirty nasty piece of work, and you’ll never see him make a 50/50 tackle
    either, he’s scared he’d get hurt, but hopefully one day he’ll get what he’s due, I never want to see any player
    get a bad injury, but for this guy i’ll make an exception

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