Aberdeen has warned of the sobering reality they find themselves in today with the Scottish football shutdown in full swing.

The Dons have been the latest club to release a statement, the board confirmed they were in a good position before the shutdown and debt-free.

However, with £5m in expected outgoings over the next few months with nothing coming in, the club are in big trouble.

Hearts have already asked their staff at all levels to take a 50% pay cut. This Aberdeen statement points to the same thing happening up north. Layoffs, players leaving the club and a much-reduced wage bill are high on the agenda.

Aberdeen will not be the only Scottish club facing immediate financial repercussions of this shutdown. With no end in sight or guidance to start planning ahead, this could become a very bleak time for Scottish football.

The very existence of our game is under threat and we need clarity as soon as possible.



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