The vote on the current proposal which would see all lower leagues come to a conclusion with immediate effect is in jeopardy if not happening after juxtaposition.

It was thought the SPFL had enough votes to see this through but according to Keith Jackson of The Record, Aberdeen will now vote against the outcome.

Nine SPFL teams have to go for it and right now it appears The Rangers, Hearts, Aberdeen and Hibernian will stop it from happening.

Let’s be honest, everybody is voting for self interests and it’s completely understandable. The only one with the flimsiest case is The Rangers who are just voting so they’re not seen to be crowning Celtic rightful champions.

We’ll see what today brings but a new proposal might have to come into play, one with league restricting to allow relegation not to take place for one season and have a larger league.


  1. It is great to see sevco vote themselves into LIQUIDATION once again, their brains are where the sun does not shine,and hoping they stay there. They want the money for finishing where? Second, third or fourth?. They do not want to play behind closed doors, (another thicko, Kris Boyd, would not want fans to go and see them playing behind closed doors.)but want the money!!! How very strange!!. The Muppets have more know how than sevco! . It is unbelievable!. Mostly what I would like to say is nothing but to laugh!. Hahahahaha.Hail.Hail.


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