ANDREW Dallas has been under the spotlight after handing FOUR penalties to Steven Gerrard’s men on Saturday afternoon in the most erratic of refereeing displays, and now Hugh Keevins is having his say on the big issue of the weekend.

Writing in his weekly SSB column, the on-air radio pundit believes Dallas got TWO of the decisions wrong but more importantly, continued his trend of ‘headstrong’ and ‘frequently inaccurate’ decision which has plagued the Scottish game.

Son of the former referee and SFA head ref Hugh Dallas, nepotism is on the top of the agenda with such poor performances proving the referee is not fit for purpose, yet he among others remain untouchable.

The system at the SFA does not hold referee’s to account, just like Willie Collum will not be held to account for not pointing to the spot in Perth for two consecutive tackles worthy of the punishment.

Writing about Dallas, Hugh believes Dallas is among the worst offenders when it comes to the men in black.

“For what it’s worth, I believe Andrew Dallas to be the most headstrong, abrasive and frequently inaccurate referee working in the SPFL today.

“He got, to my way of thinking, two out of four penalty awards wrong during Rangers’ otherwise straightforward demolition of an utterly hopeless St. Mirren at Ibrox on Saturday.”

Will anything be done about the poor standards? No, because if you complain about decisions, the referee’s and SFA go into self-interest mode and lash back without looking at themselves.


  1. Nepotism is a polite was of saying “mason trait”. The whole football system from the SFA, Spfl, referees, the LRA and sevco are riddled with the hun masons. Dallas and his offspring are a case in point, like all the refs with their spawn in the ref band, they stand out like sore thumbs. It stinks like dog sh1t.

  2. Beaton, Dallas, McCurry, Valentine, its an endless list of officials who have a pro Rangers bias. They may also be or have been incompetent but let’s not allow that to hide that bias.

  3. Looking like Sevco are trying to win the main Scottish title on goals scored. Don’t they remember. That you can no longer win titles on goals scored anymore. But then they still think they won a European trophy and they’re in the Guinness book of records. No wait a minute THAT TEAM DIED. And ‘they’ have only won the petrol can cup. Then so will their title challenge. They will just have to do it the hard way, by winning more games and drawing a few, than the other eleven teams. Nice try but not happening.

  4. Hugh Keevins is correct in what he has said. Everyone should tune into, ANYONE BUT CELTIC on utube. IT EXPLAINS ABOUT THE REF’S WHO ARE MASONS, THEY HAVE TO BE REPORTED TO UEFA.


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