BRENDAN RODGERS has told Celtic fans he hopes he can return to the club one day in some capacity and even manage the club again in the future.

The Irishman left under a cloud on Tuesday leaving the players, the club and the fans high and dry for a middle of the road EPL side.

The timing has been the big issue with most of the support who would have waved the manager off in the summer if he had just waited until then. Rodgers chose to jump now and the bad feeling and resentment at his decision is clear for all to see.

Only 200 available!!

However, the Leicester boss believes he could return to the club in the future and maybe even manage them one day!

“I would be hugely, hugely disappointed if I never could go back there. I would be incredibly disappointed if I never could after everything that I’ve given.” he told RecordSport.

It’s just different. Would I work in Scotland again? Of course I would.

“I loved every single second of being there. When it calms down in maybe 10 years I could maybe go back to Celtic.”

 Asked if he’d want to manage Celtic again one day.“Yes. Absolutely. 100 per cent.”

The man has to be detached from any sort of reality to be even coming out with these comments at the moment.

Deluded Brendan on social media will find it hard to beat these sort of quotes from the real thing.


  1. More’s the pity for the Celtic family that St Brendan and co have left the room. The suit’s saw his leaving fee as bribe rather than good business. If they refused to back him more. Who will they back in the future??

    Not saying we’re all headed back to the auld days of fokelore, but with a calm influence like he gone, the suit’s now have the bigger say on what and on who oor moneys spent on. I hope for Lenny mind and career that at least they splash the cash sensibly in the summer on replacements for the aging squad.


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