Ex-Fulham, QPR and Manchester United defender Paul Parker had nothing but good things to say about Celtic, Joe Hart and Aaron Mooy in an interview with Danish outlet SpilXperten.

Joe Hart
5th February 2023; McDiarmid Park, Perth, Scotland: Scottish Premiership Football, St Johnstone versus Celtic; Joe Hart of Celtic


The England international said Mooy has been ‘absolutely amazing’ for Celtic and that he could stay in Glasgow for the remainder of his career because of the club’s tremendous fans and Celtic Park’s immense atmosphere:

“Now he has been absolutely amazing for Celtic, which is a very big club. Really, I have a massive respect for that club. I love the fans and the atmosphere and a lot of players would do everything to play there. Because of that, I could see him stay at Celtic for the rest of his career. He must really enjoy being there and performing so well.”

Despite this praise for Celtic and Mooy’s form and ability, Parker also stated the Australian could still play at a higher level:

“But he has the ability to play in the Premier League. Maybe not for one of the big six clubs but he is definitely good enough to play for a good club that is competing for top 10 in the Premier League. For Celtic he can win championships, play in the Champions League and do what a lot of people are dreaming about, but I would love to see him back in the Premier League.”

All Celtic fans would love Mooy at the club for the foreseeable in spite of Parker’s wishes. After all, the 32 year old has arguably been one of the Hoops’ most underrated signings in recent times having netted seven goals and registered ten assists from midfield alone this campaign. His current deal expires in summer 2024, the same time Joe Hart’s does, yet another player Parker mentioned. The Englishman said the ‘keeper could turn into a ‘cult hero’ for Celtic:

“His career was on a downfall but he reinvented it at the biggest club in Scotland. I think he could end up being a cult hero for Celtic. Does he have the level to play in the Premier League? I don’t think so but why would he also want to move back? He has established himself as a key player at Celtic and they love him. He is old and he should enjoy the end of his career at Celtic. What more would you want than being a loved figure at that amazing club? I’m sure he is not complaining at all.”

Parker could not be more accurate when speaking about Joe Hart. Similarly to Mooy, the signing of the veteran ‘keeper has been a vast success and it is refreshing to see an English pundit call out and recognise this, how great a club Celtic is and how prodigious its players are.


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