KRIS BOYD seems to be losing sleep over who will be the next manager of Celtic if his SunSport blog is anything to go by.

The man who put monster munch back on the map has been discussing all things Celtic in his latest attempt to carve out a career for himself after his playing days are over. He could do well at the circus!

Kris had a lot to say about the managerial appointment at Celtic and how he ‘fears’ for Neil Lennon because the Irishman has still not been named the full-time gaffer.

Boyd said: “JOSE MOURINHO, Rafa Benitez, Roberto Martinez and Andre Villas-Boas.

“Four reasons why Neil Lennon’s dream of becoming the next Celtic manager is still alive and well.

“There is absolutely NO chance any of that quartet will be in the Hoops hotseat come the start of next season.

“I think if the Celtic board were going to give him the job long-term, they would have done so by now.

“The longer it goes on, the less chance he has of landing the job.

“Yet Lennon will take great comfort from the likes of Mourinho and Benitez being mentioned.

“He’ll know none of them will be anywhere near the job he craves.”

Whether Lennon gets the job full time or not remains to be seen but with Rangers fans they seem to be lobbying for Lennon just in case Celtic have another trick up their sleeve.

The Brendan Rodgers appointment at the time was a massive piece of business and while he left under a cloud there’s no doubting what that managerial appointment did for Celtic.

They fear another man like that in charge, while they know if they get Lennon there will be more of a slog. Can Lennon get Celtic to ten in a row? I think he can but maybe not as smoothly as we’d like.


  1. Aye n a bet he never thought he’d have seen our previous manager at paradise either ohhhhhhh their pain GIRFUY HH

  2. ‘Absolutely No Chance’ said Kris Boyd when asked what was the likelihood of him being able to tie his own shoelaces.


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