Celtic fans watched their team win 2-0 against St Johnstone on Saturday. The bhoys were awarded a late penalty to seal the victory – despite that – many have taken to social media to vent their frustrations at referee Nick Walsh.

There was several remarkable decisions during the game and at one point, the referees inaction fired up the crowd.

The biggest and most ridiculous decision of the day by Walsh was booking Cameron Carter-Vickers. The Celtic defender was cynically taken down by Chris Kane, who then proceeded to kick the Spurs loan player on the deck, before throwing a punch Carter-Vickers way.

It was clear Kane had to walk for his actions – instead the St Johnstone player received a yellow and so did Cameron – it was an astonishing moment in the game.

Many are putting Walsh’s officiating up there as one of the worst in recent times at Celtic Park.

Celtic can’t rely on our referees to get the big decisions correct. We must, as a team try to make their decisions irrelevant. It’s a tough thing to do when games are in a knife edge – a poor decision by an official could tip the balance.


    • Yes, he gave a pen , lot of other lanarkonian MIB would not have given , but his loonacy decision to yellow both players instead of definate Red for Kane was nothing short of Avoiding his duties as a so called official, he should be removed down to public park bounce games or local yokel hun pub league, AN ABSOLUTE DISGRACE, zero wages for this clown yesterday, trouble is the custodians will draft in another ready made HUN

  1. Walsh is a North Lanarkshire puppet and played the same flute as the OL. A real NEUTRAL referee would have played fair and sent the wee ned Kane off. No not Kane. Blow it up out of proportion and make Walsh’d as big a font as you can get. WALSH. WALSH, What a plonker. Also Kane is probably a big shot in Perth, but in reality he’s a a disgrace to Scottish football. They win two cups and this ifs how their show their class, acting like morons. Bryson,I saw him at Derby a few times, another big shot who passes off as a clever clogs, when in fact he was a dud at Derby, and still is. Kane and Bryson, all that is sh1t about St Johnstone.
    They never registered a shot on our goal. HH.


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