BROONY’S reaction the challenge my Sam Cosgrove has taken some heat off the challenge itself and the intention of the challenge.

It was a tackle built out of frustration – Cosgrove desperate to make his mark on the game chose Scott Brown as his target. Had the reckless lunge landed properly, it could have seriously injured Scott Brown.

An unlikely source took to social media explaining that Sam Cosgrove should receive further punishment and branded the tackle ‘an act of thuggery.

Former professional footballer Ned Zelic who had spells at Dortmund and 1860 München during his career was watching the game and couldn’t believe the challenge.

Again, it’s easy to overlook the incident because Celtic won the game and Brown swaggered away from the challenge but Sam Cosgrove should maybe take a long look at himself and ask ‘What was I thinking’ – as debuts go, it was a shocker.


  1. What about that coward ” Logan” taken a shot at Brown with the ball when he was down. If that hits his face, he’s in trouble. Coward ” LOGAN” RUNS AWAY, from the ruckus.

  2. Well McInnes need a replacement for Jayden Stockley as his Club’s token thug
    Seems ‘SAM the BAM’ May just have thrown his hat into the ring to take up the cudgels
    In saying that he won’t be doing it in Aberdeen’s next match HH🍀

  3. What about the first ‘challenge’ on Brown by the Aberdeen no 5 ? Was that not worthy also of a booking? Maybe he had been booked and Madden felt he could not send off two Aberdeen players.

  4. Logan is a wee corner boy, a wee Ned, who thinks he is something. He’s a coward, and I am saying that, as we clearly see as Shalem Logan, (let’s call him by his real name) sneaking in to boot the ball at Broony. Scott Brown is a real player, not some faker in an Aberdeen jersey.
    As for McLean, he’s another wee sh**e. He goes down when a blade of grass catches his boot. Useless piece of muck, you run away to Norwich, ya failure. Good riddance.


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