As we head into an incredibly vital period of the season. It looks like the marketing team behind the scenes are doing their planning for next term.

We’ve noticed a big push over the last four weeks by the club to sell THIS season’s Celtic jerseys. Usually we see a small reduction in the home shirts, but this year it’s gone from over £60 from when they first came out to just £30.

Celtic are set to enter the third year of their Adidas deal and if home kits are being reduced by so much, it can only mean one thing! The New Jersey is just around the corner.

Timelines were thrown off during the pandemic and the home shirt was the last jersey to come out this season. However, with a bit of normality restored we expect to see the newest iteration of the Celtic home shirt drop very shortly.

It’s always an interesting time when the new kit comes out. Celtic fans love to debate just about anything and when the new gear drops we can expect the same excitement this year.

Adidas have put out some fantastic stuff so far in their Celtic run. The training gear especially has been very well received.

We’re still waiting on a pair of Celtic gazelles being introduced! If anyone from the German sportswear company is reading this!

Having already had a look at some of the Adidas kits for next season from other clubs – there’s a big chance this Celtic shirt has a collar.


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