For a second week in a row it looks like the club website is having a nightmare with too many supporters logging on at once to get thrown hands on the new kit.

Traffic will be extremely high, just like last week when the Adidas training kit came out. With the new kit release being a pre-order, there’s no where for supporters to go other than the website or the JD site to get their pre orders in.

With the site showing us SOME of the kit this morning before crashing on us several times – we have caught some of the items up for sale and their price.

When you try to advance with your purchase, sometimes the whole page will disappear and other times it will take you to your basket before emptying it.

Celtic’s whole merchandise operation is in-house and the website is the club’s responsibility -— even on a slow day it can be quite troublesome.

We also caught the new goalkeeper top and it’s very purple!


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