CELTIC have today dropped more Adidas merchandise on the club website and stores.

The Bhoys are into their second season with the sportswear giants and the success of sales has meant more and more training gear being rolled out to fans.

The club has had record sales when it comes to merchandise over the past 12 months – Celtic fans really buying into the Adidas brand.

The kits have been good, nothing earth-shatteringly amazing or unique, but steady. The most polarizing jersey they’ve made to date is the white, pink and green kit, but after the initial shock, many fans have come around on it.

The club’s sales could go through the roof again if Celtic can up their game on the pitch. The Adidas gear coupled with success on the pitch would only result in more sales and money coming into the club.

The new training wear is Squadra Range:

Celtic are six points behind in the SPFL at the moment. They will need to have a top run between now and the end of the year to be in contention come January.

There are signs of a team in there but right now, it’s about putting the pieces together and having just a bit of luck we’ve been missing.



  1. Success on the park , will bring more money into the club . If only the board had been on the same page for the 10 IAR season then sales would be at a record high now. If only aye.


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