We were not in the room with Craig Levein when he made these comments and often the manager is at the wind up with flippant, off the cuff comments during his press conference.

However, the Hearts boss is suggesting Celtic AND Rangers could use some of their Euro money to install game changing VAR after the latest speight of terrible refereeing decisions.

The SPFL has been rife with ridiculous incidents from our officials and Levein seems to be a proponent of the technology – especially after the week he has had dealing with referees.

Speaking at his press conference Levein pointed to Ajax actually going into their own pocket to get rid of plastic pitched in Holland for the good of the game.

“I read recently that Ajax gave up their European money to take up the plastic pitches and put down grass pitches for the rest of the clubs in the league.” Levein told the Official Hearts website.

“Maybe the Old Firm will give up their European money to put VAR in for everybody.”

Something has to change in the way we approach the game. However, it would be ridiculous to install VAR and still have part time referees operating the equipment.

At this moment in time, we have part time referees in a League we try to sell all around the world. Is it time to look seriously at getting funding for full-time whistlers and VAR further down the line?

Would any fans be in favour of Celtic helping to pay for League upgrades?


  1. Full time referees would simply give us full time cheats. We need to look at referees allegiances like they do in England. Better still , recruit from outwith Scotland. Also making refs more accountable , asking to explain dubious decisions might help.

  2. Cous use the solidarity payment from UEFA, for both getting rid of plastic pitches and VAR. I’m sure Hearts and other clubs would be all in favour.

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