AJAX fans gave us a throw back to yesteryear last night when they had to be escorted by police to Celtic Park after trying to cause chaos on the streets of Glasgow.

Ajax Fans Being Escorted

Seen many clubs fans come and go over the years, some more rowdy than others but above all the majority are respectful. However these Ajax fans were a disgrace!

I personally walked up London Road the same time as the Ajax fans were being escorted to the game by a very heavy police presence. Missiles were thrown and as they approached the entrance to Celtic Park they tried to break through the police barrier to attack Celtic fans standing outside the ground.

Ajax Fans trying to Attack the Celtic Support
Ajax Fans trying to Attack the Celtic Support

Inside the ground they were no better; seats being snapped off and thrown, a steward even being injured in the pathetic act of thuggery. This was hooligans hell bent on causing as much damage as possible.

Was also told that a few kids had been struck with bottles inside the ground as a result of the moronic behaviour. Absolutely unacceptable.

Police and Stewards try their best to contain them.
Police and Stewards try their best to contain them.

I’m not calling all Ajax fans thugs because this is not the case but there is an element in their support who are poison and that showed last night.

For the Ajax fans who came to enjoy the occasion in good spirits these morons have let you and the club down.

I would urge all Celtic fans heading over to Amsterdam in two weeks to be careful. There will be more of this for sure in the reverse fixture. Some people saying they have tickets for the home end, this could prove problematic.

Stay Safe.


UPDATE : 15:30 – UEFA have opened disciplinary proceedings against Ajax for fans behaviour at Celtic Park last night.


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