If you have not caught the whole story from the weekend here is the run down. While the Celtic team were celebrating another Glasgow derby win with their fans a young fan got nabbed while getting to close to the pitch by a heavy-handed type steward.

The steward looked very angry for some reason as he marched the kid off away from the players and whoever he came to the ground with. Ajer caught the incident, chased after the steward and gave the young lad his jersey.

But that wasn’t the end of it, we had a few people contacting our social pages saying that the steward had confiscated the kid’s jersey. Other images emerged of the steward holding the boy in a part of the ground that had the youngster in tears after been separated so far away from his group and on his own.

Luckily Ajer caught wind of what had gone on afterwards and stepped up once again to put a smile on the young lads face. The player has been winning the fans over on and off the pitch as he grows in stature with each passing week.

Hopefully Celtic will look at how this situation was handled. While nobody should be entering onto the pitch you can see from the image how young this boy is.


  1. Why would a steward get angry at this.
    C’mon Celtic! This steward needs disciplined as he does not seem to have the wherewithal to deal properly with such situations. Either that, or there is another reason. He had no right to manhandle the boy and no right to confiscate the jersey, which was a gift from Ajer.


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