KRISTOFFER AJER was one of the players being targeted by Aberdeen fans during the game on Sunday and we were really at a loss as to why.

Then we remembered the unprofessional rant by new Aberdeen chief Dave Cormack at the end of last year.

Celtic beat Aberdeen at Parkhead and after they just made it 2-1 on the day Ajer had sprinted back to make sure Aberdeen would be denied an equaliser – the player won the ball and charged down to get control of it at the corner flag. Aberdeen striker Sam Cosgrove would rush over and recklessly tackle Ajer and be rightfully sent off. Cormack accused the Celtic star of feigning injury and wanted the compliance officer to review the Norweigian.

Ajer got his share of the boos because of this rant and blatant distorting of the truth. It was poetic justice in a way that the player would charge up the right and be the one to slot the ball into the back of the net to land Celtic all three points.

If they’re going to boo him, he might as well give them something to boo about.


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