Motherwell chief Alan Burrows has addressed a gripe from many Celtic fans that the club went out their way not to accommodate more supporters at Fir Park on Sunday when the two sides clashed in the SPFL.

Celtic ran out 4-0 winners in the early Sunday kick off but there was only three quarters of a stand for Celtic fans while there was a lot of empty seats elsewhere around the ground.

The feeling was Motherwell could’ve displaced season ticket holders in order to allow more Celtic fans into the ground to watch their team and essentially have less empty seats at a top flight game.

Burrows understands the dilemma but has chosen to put his own paying fans first.

“We have three home stands, all of which have Motherwell season ticket holders, who have paid for their seat.” Burrows wrote on social media.

“They haven’t committed their cash to support the club to be shifted about when there’s a more financially convenient situation.

“Our club have previously taken that route in the past, and all it does is erode the belief in trying to build something bigger and deeper within our support.

“As it happens, we’ve got more season ticket holders now than we’ve ever had at any point in our 136-year history.

“A part of that is, in my view, is supporters genuinely believing that you make decisions with their best interests at heart, even if it’s to the detriment of a short-term cash injection.

“It’s a longer term project to grow our own supporter base and that means you have to make long-term calls.

“Ideally I’d be able to fit everyone in who wants to go to games, and people (home or away fans) wouldn’t miss out.”

It’s genuinely a tough call to make and if Michael Nicholson was putting Celtic fans first to the detriment of it her fans, most supporters would be delighted with the approach.

Alan does have to do what’s best for his club and putting a project above short term profit is his aim. He wants Motherwell fans to be valued and respected and dislodging them from where they enjoy the game most weeks would be counter productive to that aim.

There is hope of a bigger allocation the next time Celtic come to town, the red zone at Fir Park has meant some seats have been out of bounds.

Motherwell have been run to a high standard as of late, putting the community at the heart of a lot of things they do. Burrow’s and his team should be applauded in that regard.


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    In the kingdom of the truly blind the one eye’d man is king.


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