Aldi have tweeted Chris Sutton is an honour set manager after claiming being banned from Ibrox was like not being allowed into Lidl’s.

The Englishman was at the Hydro with former Celtic teammates in front of a huge Celtic support when he made the joke.

The quip made it onto social media and into the mainstream media.

Upon seeing the disparaging remarks about their super market rivals – Aldi got in on the act.

Chris is banned from Ibrox for no other reason than they don’t like his opinions. It’s shameful a pundit can’t do his job because he’s a former Celtic player.

The pundit loves a good wind up but it’s always in good spirits but some peepel just can’t take it.

Celtic Park hosted BT Sports Europa League coverage after boycotting Ibrox for their decision to block Sutton’s entry.

It’s very petty stuff but not surprising in the slightest.


  1. RIFC has nothing to hold onto. 1 title, zero history and a few barbaric individuals portrayed in statues, that’s about it. So if they ban our Chrs because they’re scared of his words then good. It just shows how weak they actually are. We own every single part of them, and they know it.


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