Do you remember the time there was a spate of angry Gers fans online claiming FOR REAL, that the person who was caught trying to tamper with Alfredo Morelos’s car was a Celtic fan trying to murder him.

In a world where trophies are hard to come by Celtic fans get blamed for absolutely everything that goes wrong. However, accusations of attempted murder on an opposing striker is so far beyond the pale it’s embarrassing.

What’s more embarrassing today is the charges against the person caught tampering with Alfredo’s car have been dropped as it was confirmed by the Sunday Mail it was in fact a private eye who had been hired by Alfredo’s wife.

The prosecutor fiscal decided because of this there was no case to answer.

Can we just stop to appreciate the utter lunacy and the depths of depravity these people go to in order to try and blame Celtic. I mean, attempted murder! These people need help.


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