Celtic beat their Glasgow rivals 2-0 on Sunday to well and truly put them back in their place.

The bhoys were billed as underdogs but quickly put the home side on the back foot. The defensive display by Celtic was as equally impressive as their clinical finishing when they did get their chances.

One man who was touted to shut Celtic up was Alfredo Morelos but the lad didn’t even start the match! He came on as a second half sub and the best he could do was muster a very wide shot at goal.

The player is notorious for being unsporting and new footage has emerged of Alfredo trying to provoke a big reaction out of Christopher Jullien by intentionally stamping on the player’s toes with his studs. Desperate to get back into the game frustrated by the scoreline the striker tried his luck.

The video below shows it in slow motion. Morelos tried his best to get the Frenchman to react. All Jullien did was stick his hand up then get back to trying to defend the set play.


  1. That is why he is only worth a £3 or 4 million if they are lucky to get that for him no top team could ever take a chance on him most of the time he can win games with the goals he gets but that is when he plays weaker teams but when playing trouble is always near and the bigger the team he finds it hard to get into the game and looks at ways that he can make trouble for himself so he can get out of there sent off and nowadays no top team will sign him……

  2. Absolute thug the footage is there ok but I won’t hold my breath for any action taken against this worthless Rat! remember it’s Scotland! Deflection will now go into overdrive with the press about this result. What about that other thug Jordan. bad losers but he’s in the right place as losers is all he’ll be! Hail hail

  3. You know the funny thing if he had done with one of the Scottish boys it would’ve been a quick swift here what’s the score you clown have you scored against us yet and he would’ve kicked right off he never learns either broony will be right on tae him the next time idiot hail hail

  4. Big Julien Awaits The Next Game At Paradise Against This Little Rat, Julien Signalled With His Hand At The Little Rat To Come Forward But Morelos Decided Against It, I Think That He Knew That Big Julien Didn’t Want To Shake His Hand, But Wanted To Shake Him By The Neck And Drop Him From A Great Height, Morelos If I Were You I Would Rather Be On A Slow Boat To China, Were Rats Are Deemed A Delicacy, Over Here We Catch Them In Traps & Send Them To China Also Scott Brown, Big Julien & The Bhoys Are Waitling, PS They Shall Not Need Any “Rat Traps” For You Rat.

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