Leigh Griffiths has followed up liking a post about his or Bayo’s potential departure by posting the GIF of himself putting his fingers in his ears and writing ‘mood’ next to it.

The Celtic striker then shared a Celtic TV video which had the tag line ‘ready for work’ with Leigh adding the words ‘all day, everyday’.

Since then the player has deactivated his Twitter account t

Celtic signed a new striker today in Patryk Klamela. Lots of people are speculating about Leigh’s and Bayo’s future but Leigh appears to be reacting to it.

The Celtic frontman has been through some very tough times as of late and has had to make do with the odd appearance here or there for the club as he tries to get up to speed.

It must be frustrating for Griff as he looks to hit the goal trail once again but using social media like this is probably not the best way to go about things.

Celtic have just signed a new striker for a large chunk of change. The best way Leigh can silence his doubters is to get on the pitch and impress when Celtic return.


  1. Give the guy a chance to prove himself not 5 or 10 minutes in a game. We should have started him in the cup final then we would have seen how far away or close he is to getting back to his best. All the best to paddy Klimala really hope he hits the ground running and becomes the player we all hope he’s going to be but we CANT just disregard Leigh the guy is a goal scoring machine of all types of goals and will be again given the chance

  2. It’s up to Griff now. The lad has come throygh a lot and sometimes the physical v mental battle is not so staight forward. I believe that it will click for him and by the last 3rd of season and the CL qualies he’l be back. As Legend67 says give the guy a chance, a bit of “Lee”way.


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