Celtic academy graduate Kieran Tierney will be on our screens on the 4th of August as Amazon Prime’s ‘All or Nothing’ is set to be released.

It’s followed Arsenal from the start of the season, documenting their horrendous start right to their top-4 hopes being destroyed in the final games.

It’s set to be a thrilling watch.

It’s thought that former Celtic star and fan favourite Kieran Tierney will get his fair share of screen time throughout the documentary.

In the past, rivals Spurs and Arteta’s former club, Manchester City, have had their season filmed in the same series.

Should Celtic be Followed in a Similar Style?

It’d certainly be an exciting watch and give fans a better insight into how their club is run.

Like Arsenal fans will discover, they’ll have many of their questions answered – like what happened between Arteta and Aubameyang.

Last season, when everything was going wrong at the club, it would’ve been even more interesting. But it’d be equally as interesting watching Ange behind the scenes, dealing with everything that was thrown at him as he guided Celtic to the league in his first season in Scotland.


  1. I saw some of the rushes from it last week, as the production company that i do some work for was the same company that filmed most of the material.

    Tierney is featured heavily in the rushes, what it will be like after editing i don’t know.

    For some strange reason the only time you see him is on a large waterbed on the roof of a town house in Essex counting vast wads of money while wearing a monocle, a smoking jacket and a pair of ludicrous flip flops that seem to be made from something like horses hair. In fairness he looks ridiculous and you’d have to wonder where his agent was who allowed this to be filed.

    To give him some credit though he does bang on quite a bit about Celtic and being a fan for life and growing up all he dreamed about was playing for the Hoops and then getting a transfer to his second great love Arsenal FC, seeing London and listening to The Clash’s seminal hit London Calling on his headphones as he flew from Prestwick to London.

    He said the thing he missed most about Glasgow was the dank, drab, greyness of an July evening where the incessant drizzle seems to spell out misery as it falls from the leaden sky, the dour faces of the people passing by with murder in their eyes, the pigeon shit stained buildings, the nondescript row upon row of high rise flats keeping the people from savaging each other in the streets far below, junkies, drunks, hookers, pimps, knife gangs, simpletons, imbeciles all gathered in dimly lit bars where people stand with their backs to the wall waiting, waiting for the spark that will inevitably light the simmering conflagration that is the burning undertone of the evening. If they can’t find a stranger to molest, they’ll molest one of their own to satiate their empty headed blood lust.

    Should be an interesting doc.


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